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Our Mission:


We give anything and all our services to Families suffering from tragic events, devastation, abusive environments and last but not least families struggling from a terminal illness in the household.


Frisco Star Cafe

Frisco Star Café has been open for just over a year, but it has already become a staple in the Frisco community for Frisco residents and local professional athletes, owner Tony Mehmedi said.

Frisco Star Café used to be the location of Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant at 9741 Preston Road, Frisco. When the owner sold the restaurant, his nephew, Mehmedi, decided to make his way down from Chicago to Frisco to take a look.

“My dad and I came down, and we loved the place,” Mehmedi said. “Frisco was so nice and so were the people. And even though Chicago is beautiful, it had been getting dangerous, and it was time for us to leave.”

Mehmedi, along with his father and another uncle, decided to purchase the restaurant and change the concept. In June 2016, the family opened Frisco Star Café serving breakfast and lunch.

“At the time, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of breakfast and lunch places open, so we decided to only stay open for breakfast and lunch,” Mehmedi said.

The menu consists of classic American-style dishes, such as breakfast skillets, eggs Benedict, chicken-fried steak, burgers and sandwiches. There are also specialty items such as stuffed crepes and Oreo pancakes.

At age 19, Mehmedi is one of the owners and general manager of Frisco Star Café. Mehmedi had just graduated from high school when he decided to purchase the restaurant with his family. He said as soon as he graduated, he was ready to start working, especially given his experience growing up in the restaurant business. In Chicago, Mehmedi’s family owned several restaurants.


Celina Star Cafe

This is a sister restaurant about to the Frisco Star Cafe. They are renown for their famous “Nutella Waffle”, outstanding skillets and of course untouchable service.

Their address is 709 E Pecan St, Celina, TX 75009

We will be holding this years Roses Giving Back benefit dinners at this location. Check our events page to see what we’re up to next.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to empower not only the youth but all humankind to be exactly what that word encapsulates … human - kind. Be kind humans in the sense of serving no matter the title you are given by another human. We are all brothers and sisters in this world, our motto is “no boss is too big to help a janitor”.

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Our Impact

Roses Giving Back is a grass roots movement and it goes to show what one person can do when they see a need and fill a need. We have shed many tears of joy when helping these families, The one thing that I have learned in life is it is better to give than to receive. At the age of 13 it was tight because my mother became a single mother and we had moved out. My mother and I had been abused physically and mentally by my father so I know how it feels first hand to live in a household like that. This is much more than just heres some money and gifts, I create a bond that is unbreakable with each and every family. This will not only impact the families but I know this can impact and inspire those that watch this become much bigger than just a charity. Roses Giving Back is a refuge and I hope to have several families find security in us.



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Our Events

Roses Giving Back Dinner is going to be hosted at The Celina Star Cafe on December 16th of 2018. This event starts at 6 pm and will last until 9 pm, Each meal is $10 and 100% of the proceeds goes to the Charity! We hope to see your beautiful faces fill up the environment!


Roses Giving Back Gala

The date and Venue is to be determined

Roses Giving Back Easter Hunt

The date and Venue is to be determined


November 2018

“Our son Wesley has found a new confidence since John Rose and his team came last year for Roses Christmas. Wesley made a new friend and John makes sure to call in and check on us no matter how busy he gets, he even gave us V.I.P. treatment at one of his shows recently. Don’t give to the foundation as a chore but give knowing you’re changing a little boy (like ours) life.”

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